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A dedicate server to be sure that nobody will steal your code !

A dedicated server is a computer server that is available from a single client by a host. The dedicated server can be administered remotely via the Internet or administered by the host. When the machine is shared by multiple customers we talk about shared server. First things first, to create a website, you need already a hosting and a domain name.There are two possibilities for hosting, it is either shared or it is dedicated.

Dedicated servers

A shared hosting is hosting on a shared server, so you are on the same server as others. Dedicated hosting meanwhile is hosting on a server that belongs only to you. So you are the sole owner of that IP address. A dedicated server is expected to deliver Web services (HTTP, FTP, ... BDD) without service interruption. It is placed in a data center that is a secure building (fire prevention systems, generators, redundant air conditioning, security access ...). The ability to change some hot items without downtime is also planned.

Some prefer the free code ...

Only the free code can be audited, modified and redeployed as amended to benefit from these changes. Focus on interpreted code such as JavaScript or Python (easily auditable) and, to a critical use context the code to compile yourself from source, rather than the packages and binary code (admittedly used immediately and quickly, but that can only run and almost no replay).
The only reliable software is one you yourself have audited the code (or caused to be by a person of trust) which was performed ready binary version for use in manufacturing the self (compilation phases, linking , packaging, etc.).

Free software is necessary, but not sufficient. This is why the communities of free software not show any triumphalism, but rather redouble their efforts to build trust chains perfectly auditable and verifiable.

Your website in php and mysql web development and a dedicated server here !

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