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The bed and breakfast is a variety of interesting accommodation offer for holiday makers. This type of accommodation is more convenient, does not require too much commitment and especially is more economical for visitors. But so that the offers of innkeepers in bed and breakfast can be seen by potential customers, it is necessary to have the appropriate technologies on the website. And technology question, Lodgify holds the best with its famous software solution in all hotel booking platforms.

The requirements of an innkeeper's site

Innkeepers who have an Internet site must foremost predict a design that captivates Internet users. A site that is not lively enough does not interest visitors. Then, it is also necessary that the platform is customized so personalization, colors, photos and videos are essential to provide a good illustration and guarantee the good image of the site and offers. Finally, leasing is a matter of trust and performance, so the site must contain all the details of the services offered with the prices and with a possibility of booking and instant payment so that the customer can set up his Travel planning. Indeed, the requirements of the site correspond to what visitors would require. And the customer is looking for a guarantee on the existence of a good accommodation in the country of destination.

What Lodgify offers?

As a software solution, Lodgify has software technology allowing a site to rent rooms in hostels to customize the site according to the current trend. Indeed, it already has a bed and breakfast website template which is a model to create a more suitable site. Not only will the images be sharp but there may also be integrated any other types of multimedia content. But besides that, there is also a device that allows to automatically manage the planning of the bed and brekfast mechanically without the owner connecting to it to make changes in relation to prices, services and promotions Seasonal.

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