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Procedural programming or object oriented programming?

In the world of computer science, we often hear about procedural programming or object-oriented programming. If you had knowledge of the subject, these expressions are familiar to you. If you do not have knowledge in the world of web development in your veins, they do not tell you anything. But if you had a website design project, you will need to understand these terms.

What is object-oriented programming?

This is a paradigm based on the concept of procedural appeal. The "procedure" is also called routine, subroutine or even function. They should not be confused with functions used in functional programming that are based on strictly mathematical functions. Those of procedural programming contain in particular a series of steps to be taken. It is possible to call any procedure at any stage of the implementation of the program. A good php developer knows these rules well. He must know when and how to use this type of programming.

The benefits of object-oriented programming

Instead of using simple sequential programming, as a good php developer, we advise you to use procedural programming. Here are the reasons:

First, this kind of programming allows to have the possibility to reuse the same code on several different locations in the program. However, you will not need to retype it. Not only does this reduce the size of the source code, but it also makes it possible to gain a locality of modifications and thus improve maintainability.

Secondly, the use of procedural programming makes it easier to monitor the execution of the program. Indeed, it allows to discard the instructions like the goto. This allows developers to avoid using a complex program and difficult to manipulate.

Finally, with object-oriented programming, we can have "edge effects". This is a possibility for a procedure that captures arguments to convert variables external to the procedure to which it has access (more comprehensive context variables than the procedure).

In addition, this type of programming is generic. It allows a uniqueness of the information and a pooling of all the actions to be taken in hand including the treatments, the procedures and the methods.

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