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ROR or Php you have to choose !

When looking for a developer for the realization of its website, it often falls on a php developers. Yet, although PHP is a popular language for web applications, Ruby on Rails is also a language that deserves a look.

Their similarities

With the two languages, the type is always dynamic. Ie that the variable declaration is not necessary. There are also classes for one as for the other with such management with that of PHP 5. Some variables beginning with $ and eval is available. The interpolation in strings of the form "# {foo} is a # {bar}" and not "$ foo is a $ bar". Php it only works for strings in double quotes. The heredocs are also available as are exceptions for error handling. The standard library is well stocked and all arrays and hashes on the bottom, the shape is not {...} array (). Same for true and false are identical while null is written nil.

The comparison between these two leading languages

Published in 1995, PHP and Ruby do not have the same objectives. PHP was rather intended to give more dynamism to the web pages if Ruby was an object-oriented scripting language. However, Ruby is the strongest impression with the emergence of Rails in 2005.

Initially, PHP was not designed to be an object language since the code was described in HTML files to solve a specific problem. He was then not equipped for namespaces, exception handling and object oriented. This is why even its API is still confusing to today.

Regarding frameworks, php has ten if those most known to Ruby are only Sinatra and rails. An entire ecosystem for php that does not in any case the creation of a package system like Ruby gems as such or the PEAR system Packagist or Composer for PHP.

This is especially in the lodging php ahead with Ruby upload-and-go solutions that appeals to both developers. It can be used in local acec MAMP, XAMPP, WAMP, but also in line with innumerable hosts that support without forgetting the CMS that are popping up everywhere like WordPress for example, which is used more than any CMS Ruby together.

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