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Tips on how you can improve your skills as a Php developer

The web developer is primarily a programmer, who can realize, diagnose, test and correct all the technical features of a site or a web application. The developer may have to design a solution from A to Z or adapt an existing one to best meet the needs of the customer.

Whether you are a new graduate or an expert php developer, to excel in the business, you must never stop improving. Easier said than done? Here are some tips to become the best and stay that way!

The main skills expected

  • Here are the different skills a developer must have:

  • Know the programming concepts.

  • Master one of the programming languages: .NET, PHP, SQL, Java, C #, C, Python, Ruby on Rails ...

  • Master the CMS tools (Content Management System), Framework and code editing tools: symfony, JQuery, Angular JS ...

  • Understand project constraints (deadlines, budget, expectations).

  • Solve problems (origin, patches, online updates).

  • Be creative and imaginative to find new solutions and innovate.

  • Design and develop a site: design, modeling and architecture of applications, methods, standards, languages ​​and development tools, web programming languages, algorithmic, development environment, web and XML environment, security standards and procedures ...

  • Have a good general computer knowledge.

  • To master English a minimum (to understand the different languages ​​of code like the html for example).

  • Self-training.

Indeed, analysis, programming and publication are the three major missions of the IT developer. In detail, it is expected that he has some expertise and ability to master many technologies, which may differ however depending on the company and its industry.

In terms of his qualities, the developer must be versatile, logical, rigorous, autonomous, able to adapt quickly, listen to others and self-train.

To conclude, a code professional, the developer must meet the requirements of a constantly changing sector, and have the ability to regularly question the arrival of new technologies. The job is both demanding and exciting. It is important to develop your technical skills and this should be an integral part of your personal development efforts. Strong technical skills can save you time, increase your revenue, and help you make the most of your technology purchases.

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